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CHUNGWOO, has been specialized in developing and manufacturing Medical and Aesthetic equipment
since 2001 and become one of leading Medical and Aesthetic manufacturer

Our goal is to improve in the quality of life by making innovative Medical and Aesthetic device. So CHUNGWOO’s high quality products are being manufactured under the strict quality controls to meet the international technical and safety standard

At CHUNGWOO, we’re committed to serving Medical and Aesthetic related products and services to all of our valuable customers to help their healthy and beautiful life

Based on strong technical knowledge and experience, CHUNGWOO will supply better satisfaction and reliability differentiated from other suppliers


دفتر مرکزی

تهران، یوسف آباد، خیابان 64
پلاک 15، طبـقه 4، واحـد 12


اطلاعات تماس

تلفـن : 02188622820
ایمیل : info[AT]tavanafza[DOT]com

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